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Manchester Northern Communities Day

25/01/2015 (10:00)
25/01/2015 (16:00)
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Northern Communities Day





 Choose from music or study, dancing or debate, cookery or creative writing.

 Presenters will include Rabbis  Laura Janner-Klausner, Bobby Silverman, Debbie Young-  Somers, Warren Elf and Esther Hugenholtz amongst others as well as a range of talented    lay educators and experts including Clive Gilbert and Sherry Ashworth. There will be    something to suit everyone.

 Come and refresh your enthusiasm for all things Reform and catch up with your friends in   the northern Reform communities

   Full day £10
   Half day £7
   Children £5





Shirei Chagigah: A celebration of music & prayer incorporating the MRJ choirs festival

09/07/2015 (16:00)
12/07/2015 (12:00)
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Shirei Chagigah: a celebration of music and prayer  incorporating the MRJ Choir Festival





9-12th July 2015



Shirei Chagigah is the new name for the Movement for Reform Judaism’s biennial music conference. It means ‘songs of celebration’ and reflects the celebration of music and prayer which we will enjoy over this very special weekend.

It will give you the tools and experiences to learn about and enjoy Jewish music and t’fillah (prayer) and is an opportunity to learn from the world’s foremost experts in the field of Jewish liturgical music. Through a series of workshops and services you will explore the use of music to enhance religious services, learn new melodies and choral harmonies for traditional prayers and be part of a remarkable community.

Shirei Chagigah is not only for people who love to sing! For the first time we will be adding an extra dimension by having a programming stream dedicated to those in our communities who lead Shabbat services. Our Shaliach Tzibbur course is designed for you whether you have been leading services for many years or whether it’s something you would like to start doing. It will be taught both by our American faculty and by our very own rabbis.

Shirei Chagigah incorporates the MRJ Choirs Festival led by Viv Bellos (to book for the Sunday only please contact Viv on 020 8457 8795 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

As the conference is non-residential we will be offering host families for all participants from outside London or we will be negotiating rates with local hotels if you prefer.

Come and join us as part of a truly memorable weekend where you can learn for yourself and learn to take back to your community.


Members of Reform synagogues: £140
Non-members of Reform synagogues: £160
Rabbinic students at Leo Baeck College: £50
Unwaged/students: £70

Late rate from 1st June

Members of Reform synagogues: £160
Non-members of Reform synagogues: £180
Rabbinic students at Leo Baeck College: £50
Unwaged/students: £90

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