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Blackpool Communities Day / RSY-Netzer Northern Sleepover

01/11/2014 (11:00)
01/11/2014 (20:00)
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Blackpool Northern Communities Day: Havdallah & Illuminations AND Northern Sleepover!

Havdallah & Illuminations Saturday 1st November, 11am to 8pm at Blackpool Reform Synagogue

Join members from accross the North for a Shabbat morning service led by Student Rabbi Kath Vardi, bring something with you for a shared lunch and then enjoy a thought provoking study session/discussion led by Kath. 

We will then (weather permitting!) walk down to the beach for Havdallah and have our own private coach tour of the stunning Blackpol Illuminations before heading back to shul for a fish and chip supper ending around 8pm.

There will be RSY-Netzer activites for children happening during the afternoon and they will join us for the illuminations and supper.

Adults £15, Children £8 (including coach and supper)

RSY-Netzer Northern Sleepover

Why not book yourself a B&B and enjoy yourself leaving the chidren to join in RSY-Netzers Northern Sleepover at the shul?

If they're in years 3-8 they can join Frankie Stubbs and youth leaders from Sinai & Menorah, a friendly environment and the perfect place to meet young people from all over the North! For new participants, Northern Sleepover is a great introduction to RSY-Netzer; for old-timers it is a wonderful reunion!

The sleepover will end on Sunday 2nd November at 1pm and will cost £19 (ie an additional £11)

I’m Jewish My Partner Isn’t - Leeds & Manchester

23/11/2014 (12:00)
23/11/2014 (12:00)
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I'm Jewish My Partner Isn't'I'm Jewish My Partner Isn't' offers mixed-faith couples the opportunity to talk about their situation, discuss any issues that they may be facing and to explore the various options open to them. Entry is for anyone, whether or not they're synagogue members and is for both the Jewish and non-Jewish partners alike.

This seminar was the brain-child of Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain and has been running for over 20 years. In its early days Rabbi Romain's pioneering work was recognised for addressing a very real life situation for thousands of British Jews - this work is as relevant today as it was then. With rapidly increasing numbers of Jews finding love with someone outside of 'the tribe' we know how important it is to create a non-judgemental space where people can talk, share, listen, explore, question, off-load, laugh and meet other people with similar views.

If you have any questions around practicalities please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or for a rabbinic question Rabbi David Mitchell on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Leeds, Sunday 23 November, 12.30-2.45pm

Sinai Synagogue, Roman Avenue, Leeds, LS8 2AN 

Manchester, Sunday 23 November, 5.15-7.15pm

Manchester Reform Synagogue, Jacksons Row, M2 5NH 


Manchester Northern Communities Day

07/12/2014 (10:00)
07/12/2014 (16:00)
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Northern Communities DayChoose from music or study, dancing or debate, cookery or creative writing. Presenters will include Rabbis Bobby Silverman, Warren Elf and Esther Hugenholtz amongst others as well as a range of talented lay educators and experts including Clive Gilbert and Sherry Ashworth. There will be something to suit everyone.

Come and refresh your enthusiasm for all things Reform and catch up with your friends in the northern Reform communities

There will also be a concert in the evening by acclaimed kletzmer band 'Shir' starting at 7.30pm

Communities day:
full day £10
half day £7
Children £5

Shir £10

Communities Day & Shir—£19





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