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A bird a day from Manchester Reform Synagogue


Manchester Reform Syangogue's Rabbi Reuven Silverman recently concluded the counting of the omer by emailing subscribers with a bird a day!

White storkHe wrote about a different bird each day, inspired by his interest in birdwatching. The birds were chosen from those in Israel and the Sinai and the text discussed biblical allusions, modern day stories, and related facts about the birds. The emails were illustrated with photos and other images such as stamps and ancient hieroglyphics. They were followed by a number of subscribers as well as on Facebook, and, of course, being birds, on twitter.

Rabbi Silverman says: "The Jewish People have changed so much since the days of Moses. The birds are just the same as they ever were. We re-enact our Exodus from Egypt and at the end of the first week we cross the Red Sea (or Reed Sea) from the festival back into our ordinary everyday lives and a leavened diet. Many of the birds too rehearse their evolutionary history in huge numbers: raptors, sea birds, waders, desert birds and passerines.

"Egypt, its delta, its coasts, the Red Sea itself are home to so many species and the whole area, especially at this time of the year with the spring migration, is a birder's paradise! The Torah, in depicting our flight from slavery, takes us across a seabed without getting our feet wet!"

The whole series of birds for each day of the omer can be found in the Learn section of Manchester Reform Synagogue’s website.

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